Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let your actions speak...

I thought to post here daily but forgot that I do not enjoy internet connection at my place which broke my vow to pen down my opinions here. I do not have justification for last two days though as i have no cognizable excuses. I have moved to morning shift which leaves no option for blogging. I was able to sort out issues with my only friend. As a jubilation, we went to sarojni nagar market on Saturday.
I am sitting with two czarinas to my left and have no way to entrench myself from their ruckus conversations. To countervail this effect I try to wear earphones with formidable tracks playing in my handset however all this embroils me and leave me with zero study in whole day.
I saw ominous presentation by Pranav Mistry. The video has caught me with boastful feelings about the fact of me being an Indian. He demonstrated his sixth sense technology in USA and concluded his presentation with the statement " My theory is prefectly Indian ".
I have always believed in this that people involved in fake chauvinism like MNS do not plumb their party idology. They are like discipels who follow gospel without asking even a single question to them. They must understand that it is not platonic to tell everyone how much you love your languauge, your place but you must do something to let your actions speak not your mouth.
Presentation by Pranav Mistry must stimulate a positive change in mind set of youth. They must learn that there are still untouched corners and whatever we are learning needs to deployed to explore those corners. When person who created Metros, stand on his roof to have stumulous view, he knows that he has a reason to be proud. By this statement I do not mean that everyone should be an engineer, i mean that wherever we are, we must not follow obsolete pecking, despite we must try to create and implement our own ideas.
Allusions of imminent changes in society are visible and I would give my full in bringing potent changes in society.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silent Day..

As per my perception to convey your message without saying a word is difficult but an impressive way. But as I am no good in mime so fails in this too. I did not speak with anyone today much, must be wondering regarding reasons. To begin with I live alone so do not get to speak with anyone at home, secondly had an argument with my only friend so did not speak to her for whole day. So, it was an awfully quite day for me.
Have not speculated newspaper today so do not have anything to write on that part. While surfing through channels on idiot box got to know major news for Noida residents, Metro started....ah! at last. I got a sms from a coworker stating that appraisals and Metro would be coming the very same day. As Metro service has started so I am anticipating that by tomorrow should get our revised salary letters but jubilant feeling would be protempore as due to so called recession, we would get bowls with no base. Economic changes are imminent so I am not disheartened.
I must mention something here. When I boarded Delhi Metros for the first time, I was so influenced that I wrote an email to Metro team( do not think that anyone ever read it) thanking them for the boastful reform in tranportation. Moved to Noida two years ago and could not travel in Metros much and was waiting for vehement change to come in Noida too and here it is.
Czarina Mayawati and satrap Sheila Dixit were present at two end points for inaugration of Metro service between Delhi and Noida. Moreover CM(UP) Mayawati took a ride in train.
But this was one side of coin, other side includes vandalism which is a pivotal part of our pecking.
Uproaring crowd poached on metro tracks as soon as The CM left taking a right turn from rajanigandha chowk. To caveate CRPF tried to tellingly bring situation under control. They tellingly tried to buck mob and saving tracks from subverting.
Media denounced police role but they often forget that their breaking news are exaggerated forms of formidable situations so they share same podium with police and are doing no good to us. I agree to the fact that media plays a pivotal role but why do they contravenes with truth oftenly(answer is known to us).
Well whatever I write here, it is not going to stimulate chauvinism in media to the theory to present truth without adding spices in it.
I have typed much but have not spoken to anyone as am alone in office on my corner desk. Hopefully, I would sort out the situation with my friend and would not break another silent day on me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here I go..

Here I start...I have been dwelling with thoughts day and night about our surroundings, pecking which we are part of and others however could not present them unrestricted as when you say something, it becomes pivotal to understand taste of listener. While browsing through intelligentsia's blogs over internet, I got inspiration to start my own blog so I am perpetuating the same thought.
Well I am in no mood to write about my introduction here as it can be found by viewing my profile. I am here to type down my thoughts about various happenings around us or things taking place in my life.
Yesterday I went through the news about Maharashtra LokSabha hooliganism. It would be very stupid of me mentioning that it was an act which added embarrassment to annals maintained in house. In fact I preferred watching melee of MPs to WWE fighters which was getting broadcasted live on every major news channel. It was witty to watch MPs slapping each other and at the same time I secured one more point to add to my theory which says that India would have been the super power if 2000 was preceded by 1969 rather than 1999. I do not study politics much but whatever I have learned till now has contributed to my theory( Neither have I devised any name for it yet nor do I want to as it would extra burden on students to learn it: ).
What I mean by the statement above is people joined offices starting from 1970 till late 90's are responsible for the present scenario.
I would plumb things more from my next posts about goings-on till than ALLAH-HAAFIZ.